Food Machines at College


Have you ever skipped a meal because you didn’t have the time to eat? Many college students suffer from this problem. It could be from oversleeping, having to much homework, or having to work to make money. Whatever the cause, one college decided to do something about it.

George Mason University first launched 25 food delivery robots in January. Students saw the robots but nothing more than pictures and glances at the machines happened. Then, in March, an extra 1,500 food orders were delivered. Now, the robots make deliveries in many spots, all over the 800 acre campus. These robots are usually seen making trips back and forth between restaurants and students dorms.

How it works is you use your phone to make the order. Then you can wait wherever you are and the robot will come to you. Then, you push a button on the app on your phone and the robot opens up, giving you your food.

This relates to engineering because people had to design and create the robots and the app.

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