Microbots That Can Navigate Human Blood Cells


A team of researchers created a new invention that could help many people around the world. Their new invention is a microbot. This tiny build can do more than tiny things. It can navigate your blood cells.

The machine measures just under a few micrometers across. It’s structure is similar to that of an origami bird. It can flap its wings, retract its head, and even bend its neck. These are all possibly by magnetic waves. In a different scientific journal, Nature, a study showed that magnets can be used when placed in flexible parts of robots. The magnets used are cobalt magnets, and they are placed on sheets of silicone nitride, that make up the bird like robot.

This is the inside of a blood vessel, seen from a microbot.

Click this link to learn more about the microbots: https://interestingengineering.com/researchers-create-microbots-that-can-navigate-human-blood-vessels

This relates to engineering because the people who created the microbot found a need in the medical field and created a solution. They also had to innovate and design the machine.