Why Should You Wear a Swim Cap?


Many swimmers use swim caps, especially girls, to keep hair out of their faces. But, did you know that swim caps have more than one purpose?

Swim caps are designed to be multi-purpose. They were originally to keep hair out of your face, but many swimmers use it in competitions. Caps work very well for competitions because they eliminate drag. The less drag you have, the faster you go. A cap was also made to protect your hair. The chlorine and other chemicals can be harsh on your hair, so having a cap keeps your hair healthier. Another reason why swim caps are beneficial, are that if you are swimming in the ocean, boaters can see a brightly cap before they can see a person. They help cause less accidents barbecue the boaters can actually see you.

This relates to engineering because swim caps are designed to create less drag, so someone would have had to design them.

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