The Ring Door Bell

A description of the features on the Ring door bell.

By: Eric Ji, Journalist

The Ring door bell is a door bell that has been gradually gaining popularity ever since it was first released to the public in 2014.  The Ring door bell is a door bell that has many different technological features equipped upon installation.  Some include its built-in motion sensor, two-way microphone, and camera.

The built-in motion sensor on the ring door bell allows the user to be immediately notified when the door bell detects motion.  A great asset of the door bell, is its range of motion detection which ranges from 1 foot to 30 feet.  Additionally, the ring door bell also now has a built in “cloud” that allows the ring door bell to keep track and store them in the Ring Cloud.  This allows the installer to go back and view videos or pictures that the took with the door bell camera.  The Ring Cloud is able to hold pictures of up to 180 days, and pictures from the Ring Cloud can be deleted.  However, if the pictures/videos are deleted, they are unable to be restored.  Following up on the topic of the included motion detector, the user is now able to select Motion Zones.  Motion Zones are able to define specific areas, that should be excluded from the motion detection.  This would alter the number of “false positives”, which will improve the effectiveness of the Ring door bell.

A two-way microphone is useful especially when it comes to your personal safety.  The two-way microphone installed in the Ring door bell allows two users to communicate through a microphone and speaker.  This is very effective because it allows the user to give instructions remotely.  Furthermore, the two-way microphone allows the installer to use it freely.  This greatly improves the user’s safety because it does not reveal whether or not someone is home.

The most important feature of the Ring door bell is the built-in camera.  The camera is the most important asset of the Ring door bell because it allows the user to see through their door bell.  Without the camera, the user would not know who is that their door.  Furthermore, the camera is able to be hooked up to the users phone.  Therefore, if someone were to be motion detected, the user would get a notification and they would be able to check who is at their door step with the camera.

The Ring door bell has been perfected and redesigned over the course of years ever since it was released in 2014.  New features are constantly being added to the Ring door bell in order to improve safety for the user.  Now, with a purchase of a Ring door bell, you are almost guaranteed safer living conditions for you and your family!

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