Worlds Fastest Shoes

They Changed Ground Transportation for Ever.


By: Noah Siegel, Journalist

How nice would it be to walk on a moving walkway at an airport all the time? You would get you places so much faster. This dream is now becoming a reality. The shift robotics shoes increase your speed by 250%.

How it all Started

Xunjie Zhang (Mechanical Engineer) would always go to work on his scooter. This worked very well until he almost got into a very dangerous accident. From then on, he made it his goal to make a safer option that is still efficient and can get him to work. After he graduated from college, he founded Shift Robotics in hopes of solving his problem. He hired engineers, roboticists, and sneaker designers and together, they designed an electric wheel sole with a variety of different straps to go onto your shoe.

How They Work

These shoes strap onto virtually any shoe. They can be turned on and off by a simple motion that turns on all of the sensors and makes the eight motors on each shoe ready to go. You still have to walk to make these shoes go but they only make you use the same amount of energy that you usually would to start moving. To accelerate, pick up your pace. To go slower, walk slower.


These shoes are definitely a genius concept but do have some flaws like the $1,400 price point. You will also have to familiarize yourself with the balancing and controlling of the shoes(kind of like learning how to ride a hoverboard). If you are in a similar situation as Xunjie, these are worth every penny.