Chinese company Ehang created an automated drone to fly people


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Drone technology has continued to get better and better over the past few years, but now we are able to fly people around with only the press of a button.

The Chinese company Ehang has created a new kind of drone. It is called the Ehang 184. The 184 can carry human passengers through the sky with just the push of a button. Ehang says that they have been able to fly passengers in drones since 2015, but have only recently released videos on the drones. The 184 is similar to the smaller consumer drones that have been very popular for quite a few years. The drone uses many electric motors to fly instead of gas-driven motors. Ehang says that the drone can fly up to speeds above 80 miles per hour.

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This is related to engineering because it combines drone technology and technology that is used by flying machines such as helicopters because it is large enough to hold people, but is still an automated drone. Being able to fly in automated drones can mean that people will be able to commercially fly in these drones similar to the way that we use taxis. Ehang’s official site shows how the 184 will be controlled. It will be controlled by a tablet where you can choose the locations to go to and where to land.

Ehang’s official site