You Can Repair The New Nokia Phone By Yourself

This Is The Future Of Cellphone Technolagy

By: Sydney Kiffney, Journalist

The new Nokia G-22 you can repair yourself. Nokia has collaborated with iFixit to create affordable replacements for the phone. This new model has a 6.5 inch screen and a 50-mega pixel main camera. The backing of this phone is made of recyclable plastic and can be easily removed. To repair your phone you can use repair manuals. Some of the pieces of the phone that users can replace include its back cover, battery, screen, and charging port. HMD Global reported that fixing your phone with these new tools costs 30 percent less then buying a new phone all together. The reason that something like this has taken so long to come out is because Congress passed a bill, February 2022 letting citizens fix their own electronics. Before that, companies had to petition to let people fix their own tech instead of replacing it or having the manufactures repair it for them.

While this phone is being sold at a relatively affordable price of $179.19, (iFixit tools being sold separately) the phone is not water-resistant which can be a big downside for possible customers. Although this brand has been bought by Microsoft, so customers hope the technology will innovate to catch up with Apple Products.

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