Everything you need to know for climbing Mount Everest

Find out what you need to do to climb Mount Everest


By: Anshul Nagle, Journalist

Mount Everest

Mount Everest is known as the tallest mountain overseas. Every day people love to climb Everest as a sport. Some try making it to base camp, and others to the top; if you want to climb mount Everest and come back safely, here is everything you need to know. Mount Everest usually takes 6-10 weeks to reach the summit reason why it takes so long is for climbers to get used to the air. As they go higher up, there will be lower oxygen. If they climb Everest without breaks, their lungs could malfunction, and they would get sick quickly. You would also need an oxygen supply which is optional but ONLY for PROFESSIONALS, they are usually performed for awards, but it is not recommended.

Requirements to Climbing

You would need a climbing permit, a sherpa, tools, and more; this would set you back $45,000 on average. Before getting a permit, you must have climbed a Nepalese mountain with a height of 21,325 ft or higher. Also, you will need to be trained on a healthy diet to get the proper energy for climbing. If not, you will most likely be holding up the whole group, which could go bad since everyone will be stuck and could cause a big problem. If you want to climb, listen to the sherpas since they are your best chance to make it out alive. You will need tons of gear, clothes, jackets, and tools for Mount Everest.


Mount Everest is a beautiful place to go, but it has many dangers. Three hundred people die yearly from Everest’s terrain and extreme weather conditions. The Death Zone is the worst possible place to rest once you reach the death zone, your tissue will start to die off to keep your body warm and alive. The Death Zone is 8000 meters above sea level, and you need to climb to the summit quickly before losing oxygen. In the Death Zone, the oxygen is a third of what it is at sea level. Without oxygen, this could make you cough and hallucinate.



Climbing Mount Everest is a risky, scary experience that is worth it if you make it to the top. I recommend making it to base camp first or enjoying the view from the bottom of Nepal. If you ever wanted to climb Mount Everest, I hope you learned something!


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