Airless Tires

What are Airless Tires?

By: Elijah Lewis, Journalist

Will airless tires be the advancement of tires? Wouldn’t it be great to not have to worry about getting another flat tire, being able to drive anywhere without worrying about pieces on the ground flattening your tire. Well, with the creation of airless tires, you can stop worrying about this. Airless tires is what the name says it’s airless  tires without air.

What makes airless tires so good?                                                                                                                                                        The first benefit is you can start to stop caring about carrying a spare tire with you when you go on road trips.  Second benefit to having airless tires are not having to refill the air pressure. You won’t have to go and get your tires filled with pressure every so often.

You may be wondering why they just won’t use airless tires on every car, Well, at the moment, these airless tires are  being used on electric cars. They use airless tires on electric cars because ordinary tires can have a negative impact on the electric car. The negative effect on the tires are them wearing out faster, handling and posing a safety threat.

Let’s move onto the cons of having airless tires. It may not seem like it, but airless tires are heavier then ordinary tires. Airless tires have compressed plastic filled in them. This ,combined with the durable rubber, will create an heavy object. The second con to having a airless tire is having no air in the tire. I know we were talking about how good that is, but in reality, that can hurt you more. The air in the tires helps absorb impact if you were to go over a hole or bump. With airless tires, the suspension would become low causing a rougher ride and a lot more car visits. The last con to having airless tires is the tires trapping heat. This is because when reaching high speeds it’s going to get hotter than the average tire. It gets hotter than the average tire because the air in the ordinary tires is able to dissipate the heat causing your tires to last longer and fewer accidents , With airless tires, it won’t be able to work because it has no air in it for it to able to dissipate any of that heat causing blowouts and increased amount of accidents.

In conclusion, will airless tires be the advancement of tires? The choice is all up to you, now that you have seen all the pros and cons. You can decide whether or not it’s a good or bad idea.




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