The Ultimate Car: The Peel P50

Its portable!


Source: Philip (flip) Kromer from Austin, TX

American Automobile Culture: Cars from the Lane Motor Museum 1964 Peel P50, The World’s Smallest Car ( at the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tennessee (USA) automobile, car, lane motor museum, museum, nashville, tennessee, usa, micro car, microcar, tiny, small, isle of man, fiberglass. Image owned by Philip (flip) Kromer from Austin, TX.

By: Michael Philipov, Journalist

How small can cars truly get?

The Peel P50 is a 3-wheel super compact car meant to seat 1 person and was manufactured from 1962 to 1965, having no reverse gear at first, just a handle at the rear to be manually maneuvered. It then started being manufactured again in 2011. It is given the Guinness World Record for the smallest car ever. It was first advertised as too hold one adult and one shopping bag and was designed as a city car. The car only had one door on its left side, one windshield wiper, and one headlight.

The Peel p50 has a length of  137 cm, width of 104 cm, height of 120 cm, and a ground clearance of 12.7 cm. It also has a wheelbase of 109 cm and a turning circle of 455 cm. Its unladen weight is 105 kg. It has a Fibreglass Monocoque body, High Speed  4.10/3.50-6 TT tires and wheels, and rack and pinion steering. It has linked all-wheel braking and a hand brake acting on the rear for the parking brake. Its front suspension is Independent Single-Wishbone, and its rear suspension is a Single-Sided Swing Arm. It has front Covered Coilover Shocks and a rear Mono Coilover Shock. The original engine of the Peel p50 is a 2-Stroke Petrol/Oil engine and its size is 49 cc. Its power is 3.1 kW, its torque 5 Nm, and its top speed 59 kph with fuel consumption of 2.8 liters/100 km.

A 1963 model is sold for £199 when new and about £6,600 in 2019 (US$8,500). The Peel Engineering Company manufactured 50 Peel p50s from 1962-1965, and 27 are known to still exist today. The highest anyone has paid for a Peel p50 is US$176,000 at a Sotheby’s auction in March 2016.

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