The Man Who Bought A Part Of Social Media

By: Elias Rhee, Journalist

Brining back another story from Elon Musk, we see the man behind Tesla and SpaceX is in the process of purchasing one of the most popular social media apps, “Twitter.” Elon is no stranger to purchasing brands and companies, however he takes a big step with this deal to change the stock market deals and purchasing twitter’s stock as well. In this article, we will spread the word of Elon musk’s plans, reasons, and experiences with twitter.

Twitter is known for their easily accessible features to post the user’s thoughts and for being a hotspot for sharing hot takes and political debates. Elon Musk regularly uses the platform to share his humor and ideas to his audience. He had already bought 10% of twitter’s stock, however now he makes the big decision to buy Twitter overall. After being disappointed and reviewing the decisions made by Twitter, Elon Musk offers a grand deal of $44 billion. Although hesitant of being in the hands of Elon, Twitter accepts the deal.

Few weeks pass by and we see Elon and Twitter having difficulty with the final purchase. Elon musk is now hesitant to buy Twitter after he understands the bots and difficulties Twitter has yet to resolve, and the platform is confused on Elon’s next move. Elon wishes to provide the experiences he desired when using the platform and remove any kind of bots the platform contains. The man is still debating over and bringing lawyers to the table. Even through all this drama, Elon Musk is sure to buy Twitter at a later date after Elon Musk lowers his offer.


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