What Elon Musk is Planning on Changing About Twitter


By: Adrian Banihashemi, Journalist

Twitter is a company that many people use, including some big political leaders. Recently, Elon Musk bought twitter and said that he would make the company private. He also said 5 more things that he planned on changing about the company. They are loosening content rules, allowing people to see twitter’s algorithm, allowing people to change their tweets, change subscription plans, and stop bots.

The first thing that Elon Musk is planning on changing is to loosen Twitter’s content rules. He said that people should have free speech on Twitter. The second thing that Elon Musk is planning on changing is how the algorithm for Twitter is private. He wants to put the algorithm on GitHub. The third thing that Elon Musk is planning on changing is putting an edit button. People have been requesting this change for a long time and he was okay with it.

The fourth thing that Elon Musk is planning on changing is the subscription plans. Twitter has created the subscription plan Twitter Blue which costs $2.99 a month. It gives you different features but doesn’t stop advertisements. Elon Musk has said that people should be able to get this feature since they are paying a lot of money for this subscription plan. The fifth thing that Elon Musk is planning on changing is bots. Bots are fake accounts that automatically respond to Tweets. As a result, he wants to increase Twitter’s policy on bots.

In conclusion, Elon Musk bought Twitter to change different things. Some people think that these changes to Twitter are good while others don’t like them.

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