The Invisibility Shield

A Lightweight And Usable Invisibility Shield


SOURCE: Invisibility Shield Co./Kickstarer

By: Eric Yang, Journalist

What Is The Invisibility Shield?

A new company located in London has just created a new affordable invisibility shield. This company originally picked up inspiration for the project after invisibility shields became a viral phenomenon. Although like many trends, the excitement died down relatively quickly with the potential of a wonderful new product. This was until the new London-based Invisibility Shield Co decided to pick up the project and tried to make an Invisible Shield. The London-Based Invisibility Company originally failed during the start of their campaign, failing to create a successful invisible shield. After failing many times and after two entire years the company managed to finally create a successful design.

How It Works

The invisible shield functions by using a lens array to deflect the light from the subject. This is what makes the person behind the invisibility shield seem invisible. The lenses are arranged vertically to spread out all of the light going into the shield, making the invisibility shield seem like it is displaying the area behind the person that is behind the invisibility shield. Getting the exact measurements of the lenses and where they should be is very difficult and is part of why it took so long to make these invisibility shields. The shield is used best in natural areas such as grass, sand, and the sky.

How Can I Get It?

The London-based Invisibility Shield Company is planning to release this shield by Christmas 2022. They are planning to release in two different sizes, 3 x 2 feet and 12 x 8 inches. The two prices for these invisibility shields are $394 for the 3 x 2 feet shield and $65 for the 12 x 8 inches. This invisibility shield is almost entirely eco-friendly with the company doing its best efforts to reduce the emissions that this item causes. However, if you want to get this item for yourself you must support their Kickstarter to help their company get fully up and running.



This UK-Based Start-Up has designed This Shield to Make You Invisible


Invisibility Shield Co./Kickstarer