How Technology Is Making Fashion Brands Sustainable

Technology advancement are making fashion industry more eco-friendly.

By: Gaby Henriquez, Journalist

The fashion industry isn’t known for being the most environment friendly due to the fact that up to 10% of global carbon emissions are from the industry. Many fashion brands including Zara and Shein have been the cause for climate change. And yes, there is a lot of fast fashion brands, and it is hard to find sustainable and environment friendly brands, but technology advancement are helping the fashion industry become more conscious of the environment. Fashion brands are becoming more eco-friendly because of the creation of virtual models, ethical fabrics, and machine learning.

The biannual event, “Fashion Week” happens in the capitals of New York, London, Milan, and Paris. This event’s purpose is to showcase new collections and treads. The problem with this event is the unhealthy contribution to climate change. Around 37% of global annual carbon emissions were caused because of the aftermath of this event. Luckily for us, new technology is leading the way to an eco-friendly start in the fashion industry. Several designers are using virtual models to showcase their work. Virtual models are an excellent way for an environment friendly start because it reduces textile waste and helps conserve resources such as water and energy. This is because the clothing is not being made, it’s more of a preorder deal

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Aside from virtual models, fashion brands are becoming more sustainable through ethical fabrics. There are many companies who use good quality fabrics without damaging the planet. The company, Modern Meadow creates lab-grown leather with harming animals. With the help of molecule biology and biotechnology, Modern Meadow not only creates sustainable fabrics, but beauty products as well. Machine learning is another way technology is impacting the fashion industry in an eco-friendly way. Machine learning is when you “teach” a machine on how to coy human behavior. This helps fashion brands become more eco-friendly by predicting fashion treads and seasonal treads which can help not waste fabrics that will not be worn due to a wrong prediction. Companies that use machine learning include Tommy Hilfiger and Dior. Overall virtual models, ethical fabrics, and machine are the key to an eco-friendly breakthrough in the fashion industry.


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