How Dominos Is Delivering Pizza With Robots

By: Michael Forgione, Journalist

Imagine if you just had a hard day at work or school, and you decide to order a pizza. When your delivery arrives, you realize a robot delivered it to you. Many people would think this is impossible, but Domino’s is proving them wrong. Domino’s is pairing up with Nuro, a robotics company. They are working together to become the first quick-service restaurant in the US to launch an anonymous pizza delivery.

To get the robot to your front door with pizza requires a few steps. On the app, you can opt in for the delivery. Once you do that, Domino’s will text you a pin. They will do this while the robot is on their way to your house. Once the robot arrives, you enter the pin on a keypad on the robot, and the pizza is all yours to enjoy.

Unfortunately, the self driving robots are only testing in Houston as of right now. We are all hoping they can expand to other parts of the country. “There is still so much for our brand to learn about the autonomous delivery space.”┬áremarked Dennis Maloney, Domino’s senior vice president, in light of the new initiative.

Maloney believes “this program will allow us to better understand how customers respond to the deliveries, how they interact with the robot and how it affects store operations.”