Should You Buy the PS5?

Should You Buy the PS5?

By: Katie Alvarez, Journalist

Is the PS5 worth purchasing? 

Ever since the PS5 was released on November 12, 2020, the PS5 has been really hard to find. Covid-19 has played a big role in this. The microchips that are the memory of the PS5, are running out of stock, without them, the PS5 can not be made. Many jobs and factories have gone out of business, the company’s that make the chips are having a very hard time getting the materials to make the chips. Microchips are also known as RAM (Random-Access Memory). Without the chips to make the PS5, it is almost impossible to find. Every time stores do a big restock for the PlayStation 5 console, they get sold out in minutes. The easiest way to get a PS5 is online, all you need to do is click a button to order it, but sometimes, even online, they can go out of stock before you can press “Add to cart”. This is the reason that PS5 are very scarce, and are super hard to find.

The PS5 is one of the most expensive gaming consoles in a while, going for $499, which is the same price as the X-Box Series X. They are also planning to come out with the PS5 Pro, this will be even better than the PS5. It will come out around 2023 to 2024 and will cost between $600 and $700.

As Sony’s biggest Gaming console, many fans expect big things from the PlayStation. The PS5 is a big hit, but it has some design flaws. Some people complain, that sometimes, the PS5 will get really loud. Many people also disliked the size and angle of the PS5, because of its awkward vertical position. Many people said it was too tall and got in the way.

The DualSense controllers are one of the most impressive parts of the PS5, they have fancy new features, and have 18 different colors, some are solid colors, and some are patterned. People say the controllers fit almost perfectly in their hands and it is way more comfortable than the PS4 controllers, which ergonomically were horrible. The only downside of these new controllers is they are very expensive, going for around $69.99, while the PS4 controllers went for only $49.99. The DualSense charging station can support two controllers at a time, and go for about $29.99. This is a good price compared to the price of the controllers themselves.

Once you have a PS5, is it worth it? Are the games high quality, are they fun? One of the most popular games on the PS5 is the Spider-Man collection. These were very popular on the PS4, and they are now on the PS5. The resolution on the PS5 is also very good, many of the popular games from the PS4, have been revised into the PS5. They also improved the loading, so it’s faster and connects to the internet better. The PS5 can support 4k (3840 x 2160) and is very powerful. The PS5 is a very promising console and is one of the biggest consoles that has come out in a while.


So, is the PS5 worth it? While it is very hard to buy or find a PS5, once you have the PS5, the quality of the system, games, and controllers are very good. The PS5 is really fun and is worth the trouble.


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