Tesla Model S

All The Features



By: Caden Mitchell, Journalist

Bluetooth, Gaming, Watching, and Listening In The Car

The 2021 Tesla Model S can fit all of your device needs in the car. There is multiple ways to charge any of your devices with high-speed. Multiple Bluetooth speakers are spread around the car so you can listen to your favorite music easily. The audio system is, ” A 22-speaker, 960-watt audio system with active noise canceling offers the best listening experience at home or on the road.” (Source from tesla.com) A 17 inch TV screen is attached in the car so you can watch your favorite shows in high resolution. It is displayed in the center of the car so people in the front and back seats can watch. There is also a gaming controller with 10 teraflops of power that you can use wirelessly in any seat of the car.

All The Features

The New Model S has upgraded features that makes the car one of the best in the world. There is a very strong, invisible air conditioning system that provides cross-flow to the whole car. The second row can fit three people comfortably and has ample legroom and headroom. There is a trunk in the front and back of the car that can fit your biggest luggage and even your bike.

How Fast, How far

On one charge your new Tesla model S can travel 412 miles and there are now over 25 thousand charger across the US. The top speed is 200 miles per hour. The car’s autopilot can help you drive, park, and navigate the roads. The car can self-drive out of your garage just so you don’t have to walk to it. The car has the lowest drag on Earth, with only 0.208 Cd. The acceleration of the car is the highest in all of Tesla. It has a peak-power of 1,020 hp.