Conservation Drones

How Can Drones Help Us Stop Poachers And Save Wildlife?


Creative Commons

By: Nathan Britton, Journalist

Drones are very useful. They can deliver medical supplies, track enemy armies, and even save wildlife! You may be wondering: how do they save wildlife? The simple answer is cameras. They use the cameras to find animal homes, poachers, and deforestation. To track poachers and animals, they use a special camera that senses heat. The programming is easy. All you have to do is click where you want the drone to go, then throw it into the air.

Making the drone is relatively cheap and easy. The supplies you need for a conservation drone are a flying model airplane, autopilot hardware,  a video camera, and software, all of which are less than $500 each, except for the free software, which is quite cheap for a good drone.

The drone, if modified to move a slightly heavy payload, could deliver and retrieve data from camera traps (a camera that takes a picture whenever it senses movement) when usually you have to bring the camera traps back to camp, retrieve the data, and set them up again, so the drone saves a couple of steps.