Don’t Have To Be Jeff Bezos To Travel (The World)

File:Jeff Bezos iconic laugh crop.jpg by Jeff_Bezos_iconic_laugh.jpg: Steve Jurvetson derivative work: King of Hearts is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“File:Jeff Bezos’ iconic laugh crop.jpg” by Jeff_Bezos’_iconic_laugh.jpg: Steve Jurvetson derivative work: King of Hearts is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Shri Bala, Editor


This is him. The renowned man we all know as Jeff Bezos.


A decent amount of money is needed to travel.

This guy has copious amounts of money.

Therefore, Bezos can only travel.


Exceedingly bad logic. I know there are some of us smart alecks out there–well, Shri, technically…

taking a step from your porch into your house is traveling. Sure it is, but what fun is reaching…

DESTINATION: HOUSE (I was in 5 minutes ago) sound to you?


You do not have to be rich to travel. When the word “travel” comes to mind, most people resort to thinking about planes, one example of costly transport. Is it possible to travel without spending copious amounts of money? It is, indeed. However, many people do not choose to see the world’s wonders and marvels due to a lack of money. The most prominent aspect of traveling without any money is to be assiduous and diligent with the money present at hand. Travelers must benefit from any sources to guide them through their journey. There are assortments of hacks and tips that can be learned to effectively travel without spending much. The following is the core of what is to be comprehended regarding traveling with little cash. 

There are plenty of opportunities to achieve budget-efficiency advantageously. Traveling without much money might imply that travel will be uncomfortable. This is as expensive activities are most commonly associated with satisfaction and comfort. This belief is subjective. One common example is five-star hotels. They might have on-site entertainment and hot tubs, but a four-star one offers basic commodities as well. Though hitchhiking, a relatively unliked activity might be part of this experience, it will be worth going through. To refrain from these measures, travelers can benefit assistance from resources like apps and websites. Some examples of these websites include TripAdvisor and Yelp, where independent travelers explain their experiences with local hotels and restaurants. Hopper is an app that provides insight regarding flight prices. Another example is Booking, a worthwhile app to detect cheap hotels and hostels. Many travel resources can be used to save money and ensure the experiences made are ones to value. 

Apart from apps and websites being available hacks, there are tips and tricks to employ when traveling like this. Avoiding expensive destinations is an esteemed tip to follow. This might seem obvious, but travelers might find themselves spending money on costly items. Japan, France, and Qatar are amongst the more costly places to travel to. On the other hand, budget-friendly destinations include Southeast Asia and most of Africa. 

Walking is a smart way to save money. If walking is not preferred, bikes or local public transports should be opted for. Taking part in free opportunities is the most perceptive way to travel with little cash. Free walking tours are a good way to stay fit and meet new people. The money you save can be helpful for more vital costs such as food. Cafes and restaurants near tourist attractions are commonly known for overpriced meals. Travelers should indulge in trying out street food, which is delicious, yet cheap. 

Traveling without money is not an appalling act. People might explain they are sometimes ashamed to take risks like these, as hitchhiking and dumpster diving are usually associated with the homeless and poor quality. Meticulously examining how money is being spent is a smart choice to make. It should never be expensive to try something out. Be diligent when traveling with less money at hand. Always think—after all, it is free.


In addition to…

I have traveled.

Jeff Bezos has traveled.

Therefore, I am clearly Jeff Bezos.

(Please do not follow this logic either, unless you are the man himself)



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