The Wienermobile

By: Tashi Japheltsang, Journalist

The Wienermobile is a Hot dog-shaped car made by the hot dog company Oscar Mayer. It was made in 1936 by Carl G. Mayer (Oscar Mayer’s Nephew). The Car is shaped like a hot dog and a bun on the bottom. There have been 6 Wienermobiles over time. A Wienermobile costs around $60,000. 4 people can fit in a Wienermobile at once. Wienermobiles can go up to 110 miles per hour.  The first Wienermobile ever made is now displayed in the Henry Ford Museum. When the Oscar Mayer company had its 125th anniversary they made a mini Wienermobile it is called the LTL LINK, It is built from a BMW MINI Cooper.

A driver for a Wienermobile is called a Hotdogger. Hotdoggers can make up to $105,000 per year. You can also rent a Wienermobile hotel for $136 a night. When you rent or visit a Wienermobile you get introduced to the hot dogger and take a tour of it.

Most people think that the Wienermobile gives out hotdogs, but unfortunately, they do not.

Oscar Mayer also has a special whistle they blow on the Wienermobile, it is called the weenie whistle.

There was a special opportunity from August 25-27 2021 where you could ride in a Wienermobile. Oscar Mayer and Lyft did a collaboration where you could ride in a Wienermobile. There were 4 cities chosen, The cities chosen were based on the cities rideshare population. The cities were New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. But the opportunity has unfortunately ended.