A Billionaire Saving the Oceans with His Super Yacht

This is a billionaire who wants to help the ocean pollution.



Source: Myrabella

“File:Lady Lau super-yacht IMO 1010674 Bonifacio.jpg” by Myrabella is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

By: Grady Clipper, Journalist

There is an oil billionaire who is trying to make a world a better place just by himself. He is thinking it will help save the oceans. Also on board is eight laboratories and a remotely operated vehicle that can descend to a depth of 19,000 feet. The cost of the yacht is around 350 million dollars. To him it is a research vessel. He lets scientists use the yacht to plot garbage patches in the middle of the sea. They also have tech to test water levels. When the scientists aren’t on board, he will use it for himself or rent it out to other people. He thinks he is responsible for part of the ocean pollution since he works in the oil industry. He wants to help stop the pollution from happening. He would save up millions of dollars to be able to afford the super yacht, but in the end in ended off paying off for Kjell Inge Rokke