Boeing 777x


Source: Dave Sizer

“Boeing 777X First Flight” by Dave Sizer is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Eric Yang, Writer

The new Boeing 777x has taken to the skies and is quickly going to change planes as we see them today. This new Boeing has the biggest Twin-Jet in the world! The Boeing 777x will save fuel with its massive twin-engines. It has already attracted multiple airline companies that hope to fly the 777x in the future. The Boeing 777x holds a maximum of 426 passengers with 18% more seats then the previous Boeing and includes a new-unique wing that can fold up. The 777x goes at an average speed of 644 mph and is about 40 mph faster then its previous counterpart, the Boeing 747. It is 76.7 meters long and and about 3 meters longer than the 747 the 777x is also wider and has more space for luggage. The new Boeing could also be referred to as the Boeing 777-9 as an alternative to 777x. Its new turbine-engines are 5% more efficient then the previous engines and uses 12% less fuel per seat. The Boeing 777x is set to release to the public in 2023 but will likely be set back by more delays because of the pandemic. “This schedule, and the associated financial impact, reflect a number of factors, including an updated assessment of global certification requirements, the company’s latest assessment of COVID-19 impacts on market demand, and discussions with its customers with respect to aircraft delivery timing,” quotes Boeing. The Boeing 777x will be a “low-risk, profitable growth” according to Boeing. This new Boeing will be the future, it is fuel efficient and is also a lot more luxurious. It will save lots of gas and is a lot more environmentally friendly. The cost to buy one of these planes is 442.2 million dollars with a slightly cheaper offer for buying in bulk. The 777x has already been booked by, All Nixon Airways, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, and Singapore Airways. These airline companies will soon own a 777x when it releases. In the end the 777x will make flying much more environmentally friendly and a lot more comfortable.


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