Spalding NBA Official Game Ball Basketball (2014) Vs The Popular Wilson Evolution Basketballs Spalding Vs Evolution CC0

By: Lucas Riedel, Journalist

Both balls that are being compared are great high quality basketballs but we are going to compare which one I think is better then the other. So the well know Wilson evolution is used for high-school college and many rec and travel leagues across the world but is not used in the NBA the Spalding ball is used in the NBA. The Wilson evolution is very soft and the leather on the ball feels good but the wight and bounce is not consistent and the leather sometimes falls off when ordered from amazon which I don’t know why but it has seemed pretty good and consistent from the retail stores and Dicks sporting goods. The Spalding NBA official game ball is a very high quality ball that has great grip pretty good leather and has great bounce I think that this ball is great because most of the reviews were very good and said great things but some were not the best but about 90% people gave great reviews and is a very consistent ball. So for my final opinion I think that the Spalding ball is the best ball to use because even though the Wilson evolution feels a little better but its inconsistent and does not have the best bounce for my personal liking and the Spalding has great grip feels pretty good and is very consistent and is overall a great ball.

This is related to engineering because they used engineering to make the ball and they had to use the design process to make the ball as well.