Evolution of Football Helmets


By: Tyler Heflin, Journalist

Football helmets has evolved time to time. The first football helmet to be made was made from leather. It was made in the early 1890’s. Some people didn’t wear the football helmet and some did. The first helmet got very hot and you couldn’t hear the plays out of it. So later in the 1900’s they made another out of leather. It was more advanced and you can hear better out of it. It was better also because it had straps on it to make it better and tighter. And they kept on advancing the football helmet because it had a lot of problems.

In 1910 another leather football helmet was made. All the helmets from leather were keep on advancing because they had a lot of problems and they made another one in 1920. Those didn’t really change much but when it got to 1930 they made the first plastic helmet. It was a lot safer and better and had straps but looks very uncomfortable because no padding inside it. And that’s when people actually started to wear helmets. And it had no bars on it yet. And another one was made later in 1940 and was also made out of plastic.

It had no bars but still had straps on it. They really didn’t change that much but inside they had a little bit of pads to make if more comfortable. They still had very small ear holes to hear out of but it was better than the other helmets. Later in 1950 they made another plastic helmet and it was a lot more advanced. It had a bar to protect the face and it had a better design than the other helmets. They keep on advancing to make it better and safer. and comfortable. Later in 1960 they made a metal helmet with two bars.

It also has a better design and the one thing bad about it was that it had no straps on it. So later in 1970 they made a metal helmet with ear pieces, padding inside the helmet, more bars to protect the face, and straps. This helmet was very best yet. It was more comfortable and safer. Nothing was wrong with this helmet. In 1980 they made another metal helmet nothing really changed except for the bars on it. In 1990 they made another metal helmet it had a better design better padding better equipment on it and had more bars to protect the face.

Also it was more cleaner. In 2000 another metal helmet was made it had straps on it and had more protection inside the helmet. It wasn’t really different than the 1990 helmet. In 2010 and 2020 they are both made from metal. They had wider ear holes and better padding and equipment on the helmet. Better designs and the best helmets. They were both really the same and didn’t really change that much. But after all the evolution of football helmets have came a long way. From leather to plastic to metal. And that is the evolution of football helmets.