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Ozil Bounce

The Science Behind The Soccer Technique

The ozil bounce is a soccer pass/shot not used by many players. When kicked with this technique, the ball will have a bounce from the ground.

Created by Mesut Ozil in 2012, the ozil bounce is an amazing shot used by few. It involves the top of the ball getting kicked with the inside of your foot, resulting in the ball bouncing off the floor into the air.

What Is The Ozil Bounce?

The ozil bounce is when the soccer ball is hit into the air with a huge amount of topspin. This happens because the ozil bounce has an unusual type of bounce due to the topspin, setting it apart from other techniques.

How To Do The Ozil B0unce 

The ozil bounce is a very hard shot, and it takes a massive amount of practice to perfect it. You must use the inside of your foot to hit the top of the ball with power. After that, you have to make sure not to follow through or the shot won’t work as expected. You may not get it the first time because it is such an unnatural movement. If not done correctly, you can get injured, so you must follow these steps and attempt under supervision when learning the bounce.


The ozil bounce was inspired by Mesut Ozil. Later in the future, people like Giroud also used this ozil bounce. These two extraordinary soccer players are considered the best soccer players that have used this technique in soccer history. A player called Di Maria used this type of shot to score in the world cup final against France, not too long ago in 2022. The ozil bounce technique was introduced in 2012. This type of technique can also be used for passing to your teammate.

The ozil bounce technique sounds pretty simple, but not many soccer players used this shot technique because of how difficult it is. It was popularized in 2013. Overall, the ozil bounce shot technique is a hard, but successful, type of technique.

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