Focals 2.0: The Newest Smart Glasses on the Market


Photo of smart glasses. Image Credit: Trendly News

Focals 2.0 are the second, newest version of Focals by North. These smart glasses have a small holographic projector to create a display on the glass that only you can see.  You can use GPS, get directions, receive messages, see the weather, set reminders, set a timer, use Uber, and use Alexa. It also has a little finger ring  accessory to scroll and select. Since it is the second version it is lighter, better quality, and should have fixed many issues that occurred with the first version. North even canceled production of it’s first version in order to focus entirely on Focals 2.0. That way you know that they are set on trying to make it the best it can be.

This relates to engineering because the people designing this had to manufacture it just right to make it light and to make it so you can actually see the display. They had to research and build specific materials in order to have it work as glasses or clear lenses as well as being able to have a display that only you can see and that doesn’t hurt your eyes.

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