How This Brand Of Gum Helps Your Teeth

How This Brand Of Gum Helps Your Teeth

Unlike other gum brands, this gum helps your teeth. Sweet Bites is composed of students from the University of Pennsylvania. They created Sweet Bites so poorer communities can access it. The students also won a Hult Prize, which many say is like the Nobel Prize but for students.

This shows the product, SweetBites. It's in its packaging and the gum its square shaped and white.

Sweet Bites is made of xylitol, a substitute for sugar and is the sweetener for the gum. Xylitol has been proven to stop tooth decay and even reverse it. The creators behind Sweet Bites has stated that the gum’s purpose is not to replace regular oral hygiene such as brushing your teeth, but to just be another resource available.

This relates to engineering because they found a problem, worked as a team, and created a plan to solve it. In engineering, identifying a problem is the first step in the engineering process. If you’re in a team, you have to trust each other and work with each other. You also have to plan in engineering for the future.

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