Project Update #8 – What’s the point of the small syringe and the tubing? – #WoodenPress


So what really is the point of these materials? What are they going to do? There are definitely a lot of importance in these materials. They are the reason why the syringes compress the items beneath them. The materials are functioned by the hole in the syringe, the tubing attached to either the syringes or the one-way-valve, and water. These are all the components for the hydraulic press to function.

The hole in the syringe is one way the materials function. It’s because you get the water to the small syringe. The tubing takes place on the one way valve (connected with the hole) and the water. You definitely have to drill the hole maybe by the drill press, but you have to measure the size of the bit. The next important component if the tubing attached.

So it’s also important for the tubes to attach the syringe or the one way valve. You need tubes for the water to pass to the syringes to compress it. There are multiple tubings on this project, because of the many syringes. The one thing that we have to make sure is that the tubing fits with the one way valve, because we had some issues with that. But, we did figure it out. The next important component is the water.

Last, it’s really important to have water for this project. The water makes the syringes compress the materials. It definitely won’t work with other substances like air, because the syringes might push back the air and it won’t compress the material correctly. It’s important that you have a large glass of water, because you might need to compress large materials. So, that’s all the three reasons why it’s important to have these components.