super mario galaxy 3?!?!


By: Alex Lopez

When you beat Super Mario Galaxy 1&2, I’ll bet you wished there was a bit more. I’ll bet you wished that the ice flower and red star made it into Galaxy 2.

Worry not, the Super Mario Galaxy 2 hack, known as Neo Mario Galaxy, accomplishes this! It adds 8 New galaxies with 22 new power stars. In addition, it brings back the Ice Flower and Red Star. The level design itself is great – it feels like Nintendo is the one who designed the levels. The songs are either remixed/original (But never straight out of the original game). There is a trailer below and link to the website if you want to learn more.

Link to website:

How this works is interesting. To install it, you need to download Homebrew and Riivolution on your Wii/Wii U. Then download the .zip folder on an SD card and put it in the console. The hack itself (Neo Mario Galaxy) is designed interestingly. It re-uses models/different planets from the original game. This means that you could probably recognize individual planets/set pieces as being part of a different galaxy.It puts it together in a different way (E.G. having Floaty Fluff instead of the Cloud Flower in the beginning planet). It even uses unused concepts from both SMG 1&2

This connects to engineering in that these people had a good game (Super Mario Galaxy 2) and vastly improved it by combining ideas (Unused, reused, and random) and putting them together in a new way. The trying, improving, and retrying aspect was also clearly seen as several of the aspects didn’t work in the first version and they had to patch it.

So I will want to try this out as soon as I learn how to install Homebrew on my Wii U