Well Shower


This picture depicts the change of rain amounts in California before and after the rainfall began in 2017.

After flooding followed by a long drought in California, Mindtribe created a shower head that is able to conserve water and power itself. The goal of the smart-shower is to help Californian’s save water and money while still having access to water. Unlike other showers, users will be able to view their water consumption with the Well shower in order to know how much they will have to pay on their water bill.

Link: http://mindtribe.com/2017/03/well-a-smart-home-water-conservation-system/

The shower brings engineering to the people of California by giving them access to water and by helping them save money. After a history of droughts, California had record flooding in 2017, leaving some people with no water and some people with too much. The Well shower head is able to even out the water distribution in California.

Electrical engineers would have worked on this product to design and build it into a modern day bathroom design. Civil engineers could have helped make this product as well in targeting and installing it in to homes with the least amount of flooding.