Edible Water Bubbles


Only one-fourth of plastic from plastic water bottles is recycled. A lot of that non-recycled plastic goes into the ocean and is seriously destroying our environment. However, the ocean isn’t the only thing being harmed. The amount of CO2 that is being released in the making is critically damaging our atmosphere.

Learn how to make your own water bubble with just a few ingredients:

In order to create a solution to our growing problems, many scientists and engineers have been creating edible water bottles. They are called Oohos and they are made of biodegradable seaweed and other natural products. They can come in many different flavors and sizes.

Skipping rocks lab is a known advertiser of these amazing edible bubbles. Visit their page here or watch their video below.


This relates to engineering because it took engineers to figure out a strong membrane that is also edible. Ooho is also related to fluid mechanics engineering much like water droplets and bubbles.