The Color Changing Car

It Was Black, Now It’s Gray, And Now It’s White?

“BMW IX M60.” BMWBLOG, Horatiu Boeriu, 13 Dec. 2021,

By: Zakaria Najmeddine, Journalist

Cars have been developing ever since they were invented. From adding headlights to having air conditioning, they have certainly come a long way. Recently, BMW has surprised many people at the Consumer Electronics Show with the new BMW iX M60, which includes a feature that allows it can change colors in just a few seconds.

The technology in the BMW that lets it change color uses electronic inks, which are also found in tablets such as kindles. It can change the car’s exterior into different colors ranging from black, white, and gray. The exterior can change into a variety of patterns made by the colors. When the electronic inks are triggered by signals from a phone app, different colored pigments are brought up to the surface, causing the car to take on a different color and pattern. BMW engineers have said that in the future they will add a button in the car that will allow the driver to control the colors and patterns of the exterior to whatever they desire. BMW has also said that no energy is required to preserve the color. Not only does this car have the looks, but the color-changing feature can be used to cool or heat the car. On a hot day, you may want the car to be white so that it can reflect most of the light and heat. And on cold days you would most likely want the car to be black so that it can absorb most of the light and heat.

The usage of the electronic inks associated with the exterior of the car is just the beginning of a new era of cars. Although the car can only display shades of gray, engineers have said that the technology will soon be innovated so that the electronic ink can change to other shades of colors.


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