The creation of the Jetpack.


Source: Eddie Codel

“They Promised us Jetpacks” by ekai is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

By: Zakaria Najmeddine, Journalist

As a child I used to always play a game called jetpack joyride. When you play the game you have to go through obstacles while riding a jetpack. You can get superpowers to boost
you in the game. All in all it was just a really fun game to play growing up. Personally this made me start to wonder about the possibilities of making a jetpack and having a joyride.

A jetpack is a device that uses gas to fly/hover in the air. The first company to ever make a jetpack is the Aerojet General Corporation. In 1959 the company got a contract from the U.S army to make a jetpack or a rocket pack. Today jetpacks are getting more advanced. People are starting to be able to put propellers on their hand and fly. Sadly you can’t buy a jetpack unless you are qualified. Now traveling over water or over land will be way more fun with the help of jetpacks.