Tour Space in a Hot Air Balloon

Perspective, Space. “Artist’s Illustration of Space Perspective’s Balloon-Borne Spaceship Neptune High above Earth.” Space, 18 June 2020, Accessed 22 Nov. 2021.

By: Zakaria Najmeddine, Journalist

Touring space in a hot air balloon may seem absurd, but recently a company, by the name of “Space Perspective”, has introduced ideas on how to reach space with a hot air balloon. The cost of touring the edge of space may seem exorbitant, but some say it’s worth it. On June 18th, 2021, Space Perspective made their first test flight and were successful. The test flight took over six hours as the hot air balloon had to go up to the edge of space and go back down. Going up with the hot air balloon takes about two hours, then you stay at the edge of the atmosphere for another two hours, then you finally go back down, which takes, again, another two hours. Space Perspective plan to send the hot air balloons 100,000 feet above the surface. The flight will take you above 99% of Earth’s atmosphere then peacefully descent onto the ocean. The price of each seat costs around 125,000$. Space Perspective has said that the experience will be very gentle with refreshment bars and bathrooms. To conclude, space tourism is possible, and by 2024 people may be going out to space for a drink.