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Age Detecting AI

This Algorithm Can Acknowledge Your Age From A Photo Fragment

In this program it can determine the age of a photo fragment of a person. Haute.a and Incscillio Medicine has created an algorithm together and issued their outcome recently. According to Interesting...

(human immunodeficiency virus)

An Transportable Gadget Brings A Reduced Cost For HIV Detection

Researchers has created a transportable gadget using a cell phone and 3D printing that can detect and monitor HIV. According to Interesting Engineering: "Researchers from the Brigham and Women's...


Advanced Regenerative Hydrogel That Can Speed Up Healing Of Wounds

Researchers at the University of New Hampshire have make an injectable hydrogel that can speed up healing of their injuries outstandingly faster. Hydrogels can provided the repair of structural integrity...

(Left) diseased kidney & (Right) nano-treated kidney

A Pioneering Nanotech Provide Life-Saving Solution for the Kidneys

This microscopic DNA-based nanostructures as support for acute renal failure or injury. According to Interesting Engineering: "An international team of bioengineers developed a preventative measure...

A Biodegradable Device For Healing Damaged Nerves

The Bioelectronic Medical Gadgets Vanished After Repairing Injured Nerves

Two teams of researchers has developed a biodegradable device for repairing nerves. According to Interesting Engineering: "Bio-engineers created a new solution to healing damaged nerves by inventing...

Soft Robotic Arm

A Soft Prosthetic Arm Can Discover The Fragile Life Below The Sea Without Any Danger

The robot arm and soft mechanical grippers influenced from our hands that we can safely grasp and sample delicate sea creatures. According to Interesting Engineering, "the scientists at the Wyss Institute,...

The HRP-5P

This Eerie and Useful Humanoid That Inserted Drywall On Its Own

This Japanese robot by itself pick the drywall sheets and apply it to the wall with a cordless screwdriver without human supervision. The Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and...


This Tiny Robot Could Someday Go Through Our Body Carrying Drugs

An advancement to medicine and soft robotics come from the millirobot recently created from the City University Of Hong Kong. A team of researchers from the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) have...

 Dog Skull With A Metal Plate

A Metal Plating For Its New Skull For Dog With Cancer

This intricate surgery that removed a part of the dachshund's skull and then was fully restored. Researchers have makes a custom titanium plate for dog with cancer who's skull is partly removed in...

Lung Cancer Cells and the AI program

An AI Tool from Google That Can Determine The Type Of Lung Cancer

The research published from the New York University stated that the AI can be used to help diagnose lung cancer. The study found that Google-backed AI or machine learning program can differentiate the...

Walney Extension

The Vast Wind Farm Off The Coast Of England

On September 6th 2018, the title of the world's largest wind farm is now the Walney Extension covering 145 sq km with 87 turbines from MHI Vestas and Siemens Gamesa and is owned by Orsted (50%), PFA...


The Global Advancement of Scientists Making Robotic Bees

This robot pollinator will finish tasks that the bees had due to the decreased population of bees. To solve this problem, researchers at Tomsk Polytechnic University Russia have announced prototypes...


This New Tool Can Help With Tooth Extraction Without Pain

  This tool is use for a less painful tooth extraction instead of the traditional use of brute force or any other practices. The BenexExtractor designed by a group of Swiss dental surgeons, ...

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