An Transportable Gadget Brings A Reduced Cost For HIV Detection


HIV (human immunodeficiency virus)

Researchers has created a transportable gadget using a cell phone and 3D printing that can detect and monitor HIV.

According to Interesting Engineering:

“Researchers from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital have designed a portable diagnostic tool to detect and monitor the HIV virus. Using a cellphone and the power of nanotechnology, the device could help with the early detection of the virus in resource-limited environments. 

This rapid and low-cost cell phone system represents a new method for detecting acute infection, which would reduce the risk of virus transmission and could also be used to detect early treatment failure.

The device utilizes a cellphone with a 3D printed phone attachment and a microchip.

Using just a single drop of blood the device can detect the RNA nucleic acids of the virus and the total cost of the of the microchip, phone attachment and reagents was less than $5 per test.”

This is related to engineering because of biomedical engineering of monitoring HIV is expensive and this gadget will allow the early detection of HIV in countries that don’t have advanced medical care.

In developing countries, health workers can easily use these tools for HIV testing and monitoring.