The Bioelectronic Medical Gadgets Vanished After Repairing Injured Nerves


A Biodegradable Device For Healing Damaged Nerves

Two teams of researchers has developed a biodegradable device for repairing nerves.

According to Interesting Engineering:

“Bio-engineers created a new solution to healing damaged nerves by inventing a new type of bio-electronic ‘medicine.’ The implantable, biodegradable wireless device speeds up the process of healing some of the most difficult injuries in the human body.

Two teams collaborated on the project. Materials scientists and engineers from Northwestern worked closely alongside neurosurgeons from Washington University on the device.

The result is a dime-sized, ultra-thin wireless device that regularly delivers pulses of electricity to damaged nerves after surgery. After two weeks, the tiny device naturally absorbs into the body.”

This is related to engineering because of assistive technology engineering and can repaired the area of the injured nerves.

The device is flexible and is capable of wrapping around to the injured group of nerves where they need to heal.