This Algorithm Can Acknowledge Your Age From A Photo Fragment


Age Detecting AI

In this program it can determine the age of a photo fragment of a person.

Haute.a and Incscillio Medicine has created an algorithm together and issued their outcome recently.

According to Interesting Engineering:   

“PhotoAgeClock uses deep learning algorithms to understand the visual biomarkers of a person’s age. Its creators hope this is the first in many steps towards an AI-powered skin and healthcare future. 

The research found that the area of skin around the eye is the best biomarker for determining age. The PhotoAgeClock uses AI to be able to predict a persons age with predict age with 2.3 years Mean Absolute Error (MAE).

Deep neural networks are often perceived as the black boxes; however, this is a common misconception. Aging research helps make DNNs more interpretable.”

This is related to engineering because of assistive technology that its technology can use a photo of the area of skin around the eye can determine its age of the person.

With the first in many steps forward to more innovation.