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Cionic Neural Sleeve

How The Cionic Neural Sleeve Make The World More Accessible

Since his daughter had cerebral parsley, Jeremiah Robison was frustrated that there was no accessibility for his daughter. Jeremiah Robison wanted to make “a more normative gait,” a  Conic’s Neural Sleeve. This sleeve analyzes in real time by using the sensors in the fabric, and it then sends an electrical shock to the muscle, causing it to contract. This helps the muscle move with assistance.

There is a app that goes along with the sleeve that allows you to track your progress after using the neural sleeve. The sleeve is also very comfortable and can be worn all day long. The sleeve uses AI to detect where your muscles need assistance, and this is yet another example of how AI has assisted the world by helping and tracking where your muscles need more stability. This sleeve also does not hurt while you use it, making it a very effective way to help walking patterns.  Jeremiah has found a way to help his daughter, and many others who face similar challenges, by making a sleeve and making people have the opportunity to walk around and see their progress.


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