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Why Apple Doesn’t Sell The Best Phones.

Samsung might be better than Apple.
Why Apple Doesnt Sell The Best Phones.

When it comes to smartphones, Apple has certainly made a name for itself with its iconic iPhone. But have you ever wondered why some people believe that Apple doesn’t always sell the best phones? Let’s explore a few reasons.

Price Tag: Apple’s iPhones are known for their premium prices. This makes them less accessible to people who are on a tight budget. While Apple does offer more affordable options like the iPhone SE, you can often find Android phones with similar or even better features at a lower price point.

Customization: One of the reasons some people prefer Android phones is the level of customization they offer. With Android, you can tweak and personalize your phone’s interface to your heart’s content. Apple’s iOS is more locked down, which limits the extent to which you can make your phone truly your own.

App Restrictions: Apple is known for its strict app store policies. While this does help keep the App Store secure, it can also limit the apps and services available to iPhone users. On Android, there’s a wider variety of apps, including some that can be more innovative or experimental.

Hardware Variability: With Android phones, there’s a wide range of manufacturers, each offering their own take on hardware and features. This diversity means you can find phones with unique features that might not be available on iPhones.

Locked Ecosystem: Apple products work best within the Apple ecosystem. If you own other Apple devices, like a MacBook or an iPad, having an iPhone can be more convenient. However, if you don’t, you might not fully benefit from all of Apple’s features.

No Expandable Storage: iPhones generally don’t have expandable storage options. This means you’re stuck with the storage capacity you initially purchase, which can be limiting for users who need more space.


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