Russian Scientist Engineer A Robot To Explore Venus


By: Kevin Alay Quintanilla, Journalist


Finders at the Bauman Moscow State University have designed a robot to handle Venus’s hard and rough conditions, Georgy Shcheglov, director of the Aerospace Systems Department at the higher education center said to TVBRICS on Friday that the new machine will be able to take on the harsh conditions of the planet with its acidic atmosphere high pressure and high temperatures and also its climate conditions fun facts about Venus has 90x the pressure of earth and toasted by tempters and crushed by the pressure its really hard to live on Venus also Venus has 2x the tempters of an oven at max!

in the past, the harsh and bad conditions of the planet had crushed and destroyed the robots and if they did somehow make it they would be there in the air and then at landing they would be destroyed, the new robot would be able to withstand all the harsh conditioned of the harsh planet and not only that it would be able to travel 500 meters by jumping around

(I don’t know if this change) the one and only so far, one spacecraft is studying Venus NASA’s last robotic visitor mission to the planet the mission was named the Magellan mission but the mission ended back in 1994! but not long ago NASA and the European space agency made it public in June of 2022,2 years ago almost 2 years ago a new mission to explore the planet but the Russian robot was never to be heard about the hardest part would be getting the robot to get in the surface

The NASA mission will be called VERITAS or DAVINCI and ESA”s (European space agency) will be called VERITAS and will hopefully lunch in 2027 the mission will be to be the geography, geologic activity, and the planet’s core and more!