Long-Range Drone Takes Off, Lands Like A Bird

The brand new Swift021.



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“WW2 Spitfire and Hurricane Aircraft from BBMF” by Defence Images is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

By: Oscar Alvarado Mendoza, Journalist

Some Pilots call their airplanes birds. This aircraft (drone) is called the Swift021 . This Aircraft beats the speed of a racing car. That’s amazing. The new Swift021 is powered by four motors. This aircraft was created on December 9th 2019. It’s landing is amazing too. It flies up like a bird and it’s fast. The brand new Swift021 looks like an airplane with a chubby, fast, and long, wide, oversized wings. It begins every flight perched on stabilizers on the rear of its fuselage and wings. Unlike most other airplane-like drones, the 021 does not need a catapult or rail to accelerate to takeoff speeds. And it doesn’t need a parachute or net to catch it when it lands. Powered by four electric propeller motors, it goes straight up. It can quickly drop its nose and transition to horizontal flight like an airplane or first rise above nearby power wires, trees, buildings, and other obstructions before going horizontal. Swift Engineering’s first UAS featuring X-Blade Technology™ The Swift021 flew its first test flight in Awaji City, Hyogo, Japan,  with the Swift Xi Inc. team. “The Swift021 “Unmanned Air System (UAS) launches and lands anywhere like a quad-rotor and transitions to efficient fixed-wing forward flight without additional launch and recovery equipment allowing it to vastly reduce operational time and cost.