NASA’s James Webb space telescope


The telescope has also acquired the name “JWST” or “Webb”. It was launched in late 2021 in French Guiana.

Throughout the next decade this telescope will be the “premier observatory” Webb will help study the history of the universe. With the new advanced technology scientists will look at forming different universes capable of properties just like Earth, and the universes expansion, all the way back to the glows after the Big Bang. New advances were made to the telescope, researchers have added a main mirror made of 18 disconnected segments that will adjust to the proper form because they unfold. There is a sunshield withlayers the size of a tennis court, that reduces the force of the heat from the sun more than a million times. They have added cameras and spectrometers for recording very faint signals of anything. The telescope also has a cryocooler for cooling the detectors that are mid-infrared and it cools them down to -447 degrees Fahrenheit to work. This telescope actually had its name changed and named after a old NASA administrator, James Webb. It was originally named “Next Generation Space Telescope” or “NGST”

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