Hockey Vs Soccer; Which Is Better?

Which is the better sport and why.


Source: Clyde Caplan

“Ovechkin With Puck on Stick and Tongue on Chin” by clydeorama is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

By: Ben Pollack, Journalist

This is a widely debated topic throughout the world. Many people have their own opinion but I will share mine. I think that Hockey is better then Soccer and I have a few reasons why.

First of all hockey is a way rougher sport, there is nobody flopping and diving and it uses a lot of body contact. Hockey is a very physical sport where you need to be strong to play in higher levels.

Second its faster pace. In my opinion hockey is a much faster pace game for a couple of reasons. It is played on ice which means starting at about twelve years old people start skating about twenty MPH. Also it is in a smaller area then soccer is played on. So if you take a smaller area and faster people it makes it a faster pace game.

The engineering behind hockey is also incredible. You have to find out have to make the boards and make them convenient to take up and take down because most arenas are also basketball arenas. You also need coolers that are very strong to keep the ice cold.

Another reason why hockey is better is that it is played indoors in a cold rink so you will rarely play on an outdoor rink and you play inside for the most part. In my opinion its better playing indoors then in one hundred degree weather.

These are a few reasons why Hockey is better then Soccer.Hockey Players vs Soccer Players - YouTube


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  • You can take action by talking with your community and playing one of the sports ad see which you like.