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The History Of Basketball

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Today many kids and teens in the United States play basketball as an extra curriculum activity or as part of playing sports in school. According to ESPN,  over the past decade, the popularity of basketball has risen with  both boys and girls, and there are no signs that trend will change anytime soon. therefore, let’s take a look at the basketball History. Basketball was invented by Dr.  James Naismith from Springfield, Massachusetts invented basketball during a cold day. He was trying to think of a way for his students  to have fun during a cold day. Dr. James Naismith and his students where stuck inside during a cold day and they couldn’t’ve go outside and play a generic sport. They came up with basketball because they couldn’t go outside to play football and other sports played. One reason why basketball became so popular is because of how cheap it is to play, all you need is a basket ball and a hoop and no other extra equipment. Another reason why it is so popular is because it’s Accessible to the public more than other sports. The sport teaches teamwork which is another reason why its so popular. Lastly it’s just simply more fun than some other sports at the time.


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