An Overview of Getting Over It.

A game of suffering, even if you beat it.

An Overview of Getting Over It.

By: Skyla Tran, Journalist

What is Getting Over It?

Getting Over It is an enraging game where you control a character in a pot with a hammer. You use the hammer to get through a series of obstacles, climbing your way to eventually get to the top and beat the game.

There are many people who haven’t been able to beat this game, and the ones that have usually taken a long time to do so. Those who have beaten it have found the course much easier than from when they first played it. It seems that eventually if you play the game many times, you gain muscle memory of the entire course. Even if you’re able to beat this game, unless you can speed run it in five minutes or less, you’ll probably still suffer from this game because it can trap you into a void of thinking you need to get better and better until you can beat it quickly and easily.

The Stages

There are three stages in Getting Over It. The first stage is the easiest, although it is said by the developer that 40% of players have not gotten past it. At the beginning of the first stage, it has a tree and a few large rocks to get over, and brings you to the bottom of the mountain where random items have been scattered for you to grab hold of. Eventually, it ends with the last obstacle being something known as the Devil’s Chimney, where you have to go up a vertical tunnel of sorts with two lanterns inside as a grip.

Once you exit the Devil’s Chimney, you’ll get to the playground. In the playground, it is possible to fall all the way back down if you fall past the danger sign. There is also a shortcut that allows you to skip going around the cardboard boxes in an ‘S’ shape and right onto the stairs. Once you get past the stairs and go up, you’ll reach the Orange Hell, which is said to be one of, if not the most difficult part of the game. It’s a small series of large rocks that don’t hold many places to position your hammer, and with one wrong move, you could either fall back down to the playground or all the way back down to the first stage.

If you manage to make it past the Orange Hell, you’ll reach the third stage and final stage which starts at a church, and once the church is cleared, you’ll be safe for a while while you progress through some small obstacles, and then reach a part where you have to jump up a big rock. There’s a hat on top of the rock that can either help you or sabotage you (not too badly, though. It’s just annoying the first time). There are a few more obstacles after that that are relatively easy, and then you get to the floating ice balls. Once those are cleared, you then have to jump up and hook on to a bucket and pull/push yourself onto the mountain above. There is also a snake next to the bucket, which is recommended that you should ride. Anyways, once you clear the mountain, it’s pretty easy from there. You just have to climb the cable tower and you’re done. 

In rating the game, it’s hard to decide whether to give it a high rating or a low one for all the pain that it’s caused. It is a fun game if you wanna pass time, but you should probably not play if you don’t want to rage or if you’ve had a bad day.