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By: Adrian Banihashemi, Journalist

The Boring Company digs tunnels underground. These tunnels can do many things such as act as no traffic highways for cars. There are three main things about The Boring Company, which are different tunnels, how it works, and different projects.

The Boring company has five different tunnels. The first is the Loop which people can drive on. The second is the Utility tunnel which has multiple utilities. The third is the freight tunnel which allows you to move things underground. The fourth is the Pedestrian tunnel which people can walk on. The last is the bare tunnel which can be used for anything. All these tunnels are underground and have no traffic.

The way it works is The Boring Company digs a tunnel with a machine called Prufrock. It starts on the ground surface then digs a tunnel underground. It then digs back up to the ground surface. This machine can finish projects in just weeks. Once the Prufrock digs the tunnel, The Boring Company puts a tunnel underground. The Boring Company then adds final details.

The Boring Company has already built 3 tunnels. The first is a Hyperloop test track in Hawthorne, California. The second is a loop test track that is also in Hawthorne, California. The last is a usable loop in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are also 2 tunnels that are being built. The first is a loop in Las Vegas, Nevada. The last is another tunnel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In conclusion, The Boring Company builds tunnels to stop traffic. In addition, they build different types of tunnels. They have also already built 3 tunnels. In fact, they are constructing some now.

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