BeatSaber: A Brief Overview

Information about BeatSaber

Workout mit Lichteffekten. 😁 #beatsaber #cp by Max (MaxED9) is marked with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

“Workout mit Lichteffekten. 😁 #beatsaber #cp” by Max (MaxED9) is marked with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

By: Skyla Tran, Journalist

What is BeatSaber?

To start us off, BeatSaber is a VR beat/rhythm game that can be played on three different platforms, PC, PSVR, and Oculus Quest. Many use it to get exercise into their daily lives, but honestly, you can play without having to move that much too.

BeatSaber is also one of the most popular games in VR and is likely one of the games that kept VR so popular. In the beginning of 2021, BeatSaber announced that it sold over 4 million copies of the game (and over 40 millions songs from the in-game paid music packs.)

Okay, so how exactly does BeatSaber work, and why do people say it gives them a good exercise. Don’t you just stand there and slice the blocks with lightsabers? Well, yes but also no. You do, in fact ‘stand there and slice blocks,’ but the only way you cannot get physically tired is if you play on easy or normal mode and just literally stand there… and slice blocks on the slowest modes ever. When you start playing levels on hard, expert, and maybe even expert+ modes, your mindset will turn into something that just makes you want to get the highest score you can, and it can get you a bit addicted to the game. Expert mode and above can really get you moving around to the beat, like how a catchy song comes up and you want to get up and dance around. BeatSaber actually gets you moving around to the beat. The colors and lights are also enjoyable to watch and makes it even more immersive, unless you have epilepsy (yeah, in that case, you’re in trouble if you get into this game.)

It’s also possible to import custom songs if you can connect your VR to a PC. There’s a site called BeastSaber where you can download a bunch of custom songs from community creators, and there’s plenty of songs to choose from. You can also make your own if you’d like to, and it’s easy to find tutorials on YouTube.

BeatSaber can also help you relax or de-stress yourself if you’re ever having a rough day, like dealing with anxiety and things like that. It’s nice to immerse yourself into a virtual world and just beat up a bunch of blocks to nice songs until you feel better, because beating things up feels nice.