Self-Healing Wolverine Pack


By: Aafreen Ali

The Slughaus Wolverine Pack is your typical drawstring bag. It can be used for day trips when you’re traveling, but is less ideal for everyday business, especially if you carry a laptop, which makes the bag clunky and unwieldy. But the bag is really more than just a bag. It is made of self-sealing-and-healing FuseFabric™. When the bag gets a puncture, simply rub the fabric together over the hole and it will heal itself. The key is in the heat and friction produced while you are rubbing. The fabric uses the heat to knit itself together and fix any holes. It is also water-resistant; although the pack is not meant to be dunked completely in water, it can still encounter small amounts of water and remain functional. The Wolverine Pack comes with a carry-on strap that doubles as a handle.

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This relates to engineering because it is the first of its kind. Self healing fabric will make things more efficient and save people (like me) who can’t sew to save their life. A lot time on repairs and accident related issues.

Source- Cool Things