About Copy Machines And How They Work

Learn About The Wonderous Copy Machine And How It Works


“photocopy” by _DJ_ is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

By: Taryn Heuvelman, Journalist

The copy machine also known as the photocopier, is used often in offices and many people use them everyday. But not many people know how this wonderous machine works. So this article will inform you about how this amazing machine that we use in everyday life works.

Basically, the principle that says opposites attract is mostly how a copy machine functions. On a copy machine, there is a lid and under that lid is glass, under the glass there is a drum that creates static electricity. The drum is the most important component of the photocopier. The drum and toner cartridge work together and the toner has a fine black powder. So when the drum collects a static charge it attracts the toner particles, thus making an image on a blank piece of paper.

Some important parts of a copy machine include a photoreceptor drum, corona wires, lamp and lenses, toner, and a fuser. The corona wires help make the positive charges that need to be generated on the drum and paper. The corona wires make the static electric charge when they are exposed to high voltage. The lamps and lenses are used to copy papers. When the copier is turned on, the lamp moves across the copy machine and copies the paper one strip at a time. There are mirrors attached to the lamp which will project light onto the drum causing it to copy the image and transfer it onto the drum. So in simple terms, the lamp is used as a light source and adds energy to the process, whereas the lens allows you to focus a copy image on certain sections. Another important piece of this wonderful machine is the fuser, it melts and presses the toner image from the drum to the paper. It also prevents the melted toner from sticking to the drum or other parts of the machine.

The photocopier is a helpful and critical component in our everyday lives. It is used in so many places including offices, schools, libraries, or even at your own home. The copy machine is a fascinating machine that makes life easier for us.

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